Inkscape Manual

Inkscape Basic Tutorial

Inkscape Tutorials

Inkscape Books and Manuals

Microsoft Word Cheat Sheet  <== example of a good cheat sheet

Color Theory

Basic Color Schemes — Color Theory

Color Theory 101: How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Designs

In Living Color — The science and mathematics of color

Color: HSB and tint-tone-shade


One Comment on “Inkscape”

  1. M N G says:

    It turns out that we can’t do that. Over most of the range, we have to change the color of the left half of the disk as well as the right half. We can’t match a wavelength of 380 nm (the violet end of the visble spectrum) with red, green, and blue. But if we add a tiny of green to the violet, we can match that combination with red and blue. in the last sentence you said :if we add a tiny green …is it not subtract tiny green?


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